Conservation of Butterflies
in South Africa (CBISA) - Founded 1993

A Non Profit Company Company (NPC) - Registration No. 2005/035451/08, Public Benifit Organization (PBO) - Tax Exemption No 930033432 - P. O. Box 599, Ramsgate, 4285.


Conservation of Butterflies in South Africa (CBISA), is a section 21 company. Its function is to deal with controversial issues, by setting out guidelines for the "butterfly enthusiast", accommodating their individual rights as well as those rights of the environment, species and related ecosystems. Linked to this site are a number of projects and project websites of CBISA. "South African Butterfly Breeding Association" or SABBA, which is one of them - deals largely with the breeding of South African butterflies and all issues pertaining thereto. SABBA heads "Butterfly Weddings" also a project of CBISA. Butterfly Weddings - deals mostly with butterfly release programs and wedding coordination thereof - keeping in line with the welfare of butterflies for any such intended functions. All projects work closely together at all times.

Conservation of Butterflies in South Africa (CBISA) has a major role in that it concentrates on environmental issues relating to all South African butterfly species, their respective habitats and their respective ecosystems' health.
Continual research and investigations by means of field studies are engaged in, thus seeking preventative methods against the wanton destruction and demise of our South African Lepidoptera. This is not easy - and takes many hours of in-depth study and research. Many days are spent in locating various butterfly species that are rare and endangered - to record their life histories - including identifying their host plants - being photographed and included into our data bank for future reference.
Many new discoveries have been made in this fashion - of new butterfly species, forms and variations - including new host plants and specific choices of feeding flowers essential to their health and survival. CBISA has appeared in numerous newspaper articles - radio stations - TV programs, to propagate CBISA's awareness programs.
The Company is headed by Chairman and Director Earle Whiteley - who also founded the Company in 1993. With 45 passionate years of butterfly experience - he has lead CBISA into the future - and incorporated new projects to assist the company in its aims and objectives.


CBISA invites new individuals who come across this website to become members of this unique Non Profit Company (NPC). The offer is open to you - to assist wherever you feel it is within your capability to do so. There is a membership fee of R250 per month. This membership allows you to take advantage of this website presented by CBISA - which covers a very wide spectrum of all the existing and future planned projects of CBISA as well as allowing you some opportunity to become involved in them - should they be of interest to you. A monthly newsletter is automatically provided for your benefit.

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Welcome to S.A Butterflies

A place for rare butterflies to be and to be protected as they are extremely rare. Only a few have ever been caught - but through our breeding program we have been able to breed over one hundred and have released them back into the wild. Thanks to the dedication of a few who cared for their survival - a very rare butterfly - has been described.