Welcome to South African Butterflies

Welcome to South African Butterflies


Need an Investor for a building project in Ramsgate KZN for the KZN Butterfly Sanctuary and research centre.
Personal loan of up to R500 000.00. Re-payable with a good interest rate over either 12 or 24 months.

Two options are open for discussion. Interest payable over 12/24 months with capital repayment on final interest payment OR interest as well as capital monthly repayments over 12/24 months.

There is also the option of puchasing shares in the project.

Contact the project manager on 0744225577

Or email to projects@sabba.co.za


Conservation of Butterflies in South Africa (CBISA) Pleads with any member of the public or business enterprise in South Africa for any donations for the Development of the KZN Butterfly Sanctuary and Research Center to study and house some of South Africa’s most valuable butterfly species. This project will be opened to the general public as soon as we have accumulated the funds needed and the final development of the project has been completed. The land of 12000 sqm has been obtained on which the project will be undertaken. We need your support to help us study and protect or butterflies. So far over 150 of South African butterfly species have become extinct. There are only 762 species remaining. Some of which are extremely rare and on the endangered species list. Your support will make a big difference for the future of our remaining species.

Banking Details for Donations:

Bank: First National Bank (FNB)

Name of Account: Conservation of Butterflies in South Africa

Account number: 62115503519

Branch Code: 220128

Reference: Donation

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Conservation of Butterflies in South Africa (CBISA) is a (Non Profit Company) NPC company 2005-035451-08, Public Benifit Organization or PBO - Tax Exemption Number 930033432 that is dedicated to the welfare of South African Butterflies and is involved in propagating of an educational awareness for the plight of butterfly species, through dedicated study and research, providing stability in the enhancing of butterfly populations throughout South Africa. View CBISA By Clicking Here


The South African Butterfly Breeding Association (SABBA) works closely with CBISA in all its butterfly breeding programs of rare and endangered butterfly species and provides a set of educational COC courses for the novice. SABBA has many projects in setting up Butterfly Sanctuaries, Butterfly Breeding Centres, Independent Butterfly Breeding Stations and Butterfly Wedding Venues throughout Southern Africa. View SABBA By Clicking Here

Butterfly Weddings

For all your wedding releases, corporate function releases, engagement releases, birthday party releases, party releases, commemorated event releases, funeral releases, special occasion releases, Roof wetting releases, new born baby releases, school educational releases, dedication releases and Butterfly Sanctuary releases. View Butterfly Weddings By Clicking Here

Ramsgate Piper

The discovery of a new butterfly called Eurytela hairbas f. vashti in Ramsgate on the KZN South Coast. View The Ramsgate Piper By Clicking Here

Ramsgate Butterfly Valley

Contains an indepth EIA of the valley between 2002 to 2005 ……….Bird species……..Fish species………Butterfly species…….other insect species…….grass species………tree species………..animal species……… and much more View Ramsgate Butterfly Valley By Clicking Here

Whiteley’s Butterflies

Farming with butterflies ……..Butterfly Breeding Centres ………Butterfly Sanctuaries………Butterfly Breeding Workshops…….FAQ……. View Whiteleys Butterfly By Clicking Here

Butterfly Sanctuaries

The development and setting up of new Butterfly Sanctuaries, Butterfly Breeding Centres, Independent Butterfly Breeding Stations and Butterfly Wedding Venues throughout Southern Africa. View The Butterflycsanctuary by Clicking Here

Ramsgate Butterfly Sanctuary

Bringing butterflies to your garden ……host plants………butterfly feeding flowers…..The Ramsgate Butterfly Sanctuary


CBISA invites new individuals who come across this website to become members of this unique Non Profit Company (NPC). The offer is open to you - to assist wherever you feel it is within your capability to do so. There is a membership fee of R250 per month. This membership allows you to take advantage of this website presented by CBISA - which covers a very wide spectrum of all the existing and future planned projects of CBISA as well as allowing you some opportunity to become involved in them - should they be of interest to you. A monthly newsletter is automatically provided for your benefit.

Contact Details: Office: Cell: 074 422 5587 ~ Click Here Membership Application Form

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Welcome to S.A Butterflies

A place for rare butterflies to be and to be protected as they are extremely rare. Only a few have ever been caught - but through our breeding program we have been able to breed over one hundred and have released them back into the wild. Thanks to the dedication of a few who cared for their survival - a very rare butterfly - has been described.